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Ready for the 5th edition of Lifestyle Turkey

This February save the date for the 5th edition of Lifestyle Turkey, the renowned Modest Fashion exhibition taking place in Istanbul.

Lifestyle Turkey aims at creating a professional appointment for all the players in the Modest fashion market. Established since 2017, the exhibition confirms its relevance as a lifestyle and textile international exhibition supporting the ever growing concept of Modest fashion, not only as a fashionable movement, made by hijab, veil , scarves , or as cultural appropriation by a single group but as rich wing within the fashion industry worldwide, by developing its own commercial environment.

Organized by Federal Exhibitions, an Istanbul based company, part of Sofuar Group organizing several events throughout the world, Lifestyle Turkey is meant to be a unique exhibition focusing the attention on Modest fashion pattern as a whole: from designers, manufacturers , retailers and (e)shops.

As far as the chosen location, Turkey is a leading country in the Modest fashion scene. Both in manufacturing and in consumer spending, Turkey and its capital city Istanbul play a key position , as a country bringing the interests from the West and the East and putting them into a dialogue.

As anticipated by the 7th Global Islamic Economy Report by Thomson Reuters, in cooperation wth Dinar Standard and released this November in Dubai, the Islamic economy has grown by 5,2 percent and among the outstanding countries , Turkey ranks 12th in the general Islamic economy list, while going into depth, as far as islamic fashion is concerned , Turkey’s economy shows up as the most powerful one, by retaining a 2nd place. Without doubt, the country can claim a forefront key player in the Modest segment : the e-commerce modest retailer Modanisa . Turkey's modest business reached up to $29 billion, a result that brings the country in the 1st place in clothing spending , followed by UAE and Indonesia.

Lifestyle Turkey its unique concept of dedicating 100% of its exhibition space to Modest Fashion brands. As stated in a recent interview *by Muhammed Bukhary , International Project Director at Federal Exhibitions: “This growing industry needs an international platform that offers opportunities to those involved in the trade to engage, to explore, to help modest fashion manufacturers develop an international presence."

It’s a trade-oriented event, with a focus on encouraging trade between suppliers and buyers, generating leads, and growing network. Visitors and buyers are expected to attend Lifestyle Turkey from more than 30 countries worldwide.

What it will be interested to assess, it’s how far Modest fashion has come, the kind of buyers - increasing in the numbers- interested in bringing Modest collections to their final customers . This will be an amazing opportunity to check also the leading trend in a market always looking for more consciousness and sustainability in the research for fabrics. Exhibitors will cover different styles: sport, ready to wear, beachwear, headscarves , wedding dresses and plus size.

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